The Arc of Justice Institute will launch its podcast, Hidden Legal Figures -in October 2019. This first-of-its-kind program will bring into plain view the role of law in American society. In its first season, Hidden Legal Figures will focus on rediscovering the untold legal stories of the Civil Rights Movement. Nationally recognized experts in law and history will explore the heroic and vital contributions lawyers and judges made to one of the most pivotal moments in American history, explain what that role meant to the nation then, and examine what it means for us today.

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Few know of the historic and vital contribution lawyers and judges made to the success of the American Civil Rights Movement. In fact, legal and judicial efforts ensuring civil and human rights span the entirety of our nation's existence.

But it is the concentrated efforts of lawyers and judges in the twentieth century that deserve special recognition. They issued and advanced the call to establish justice. They pried loose the meaning of equal protection of the laws. And they forged into existence a more perfect unionThese legal figures - men and women, black and white - have remained hidden too long. They should be in plain view, and the work they did and its importance to the nation should be recognized in a manner that is meaningful, lasting, and beneficial.

We believe an exhibit is a grand and befitting means of accomplishing this goal and we are beginning with a traveling exhibit we call Under the Color of Law. 

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