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The Arc of Justice Project is dedicated to examining the distinct role of law in American history. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful civic engagement and to achieve a broadened, intergenerational understanding of the American legal system and its place in the pursuit of a just society. 

Law has a distinct relationship to the history and the hopes of the American people. The grand ideal that we are a "nation of laws" insists upon a proper respect for and workable understanding of its meaning and significance to society. That's why education about law as an institution is our principal concern. Through dynamic partnerships and thoughtful initiatives,The Arc of Justice Project seeks to foster a greater understanding of the rule of law where governance, economic, and rights intersect.

We hope our special focus will assist those reaching for purpose and possibility as the American story continues to unfold...







We believe the rule of law is an indispensable element to a vital democracy. Therefore, we provide initiatives designed to orient the general public on the role of the legal system in protecting rights.



We believe there is a dimension to law that makes its purpose as much sacred as it is secular. Therefore, we actively promote select initiatives that accentuate the law as a healing apparatus.




We believe the legal profession is a rewarding and noble vocation. Therefore, we diligently promote a consciousness of service within the legal business environment.



There have been legal and judicial efforts ensuring civil and human rights which should be part of our national memory. That's where our survey of the law's contribution to American history begins and we provide this education in a podcast called Hidden Legal Figures.

But we think it's more than a podcast. We think of it as an oral museum, and our episodes are like exhibits that showcase how law has shaped the American story. And the best exhibits - the best lessons - are the legal efforts associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

Hidden Legal Figures rediscovers those untold stories and brings them into plain view in a weekly podcast that is entertaining, educational, and compelling. Each Tuesday we invite you to step inside and join us as some of the nation's foremost experts in law and history explore the heroic and vital contributions lawyers and judges made, explain what that role meant to the nation then, and examine what it means for us today.

Hidden Legal Figures is available here, on Apple podcasts or other popular listening apps.


The laws that defined life in the Jim Crow south were warped, but it was also the law that gave us the tools to dismantle segregation, piece by rotten piece. Lawyers have bent that arc of the universe toward justice. It is clear that, in our current fight, lawyers must continue to lead the charge. - Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., National Honorary Chair (Emeritus), The Arc of Justice Project

I think the movement would have been a failure without the presence, the support of great lawyers. And I hope that when we write the history of the movement. . .that we will give to the next generation a wider view and greater understanding of their contribution. - Rev. Otis Moss, Jr., Pastor (ret.) Olivet Institutional Baptist Church and Veteran Civil Rights Movement