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Dear Friends of the Arc!

Roy Barnes, State Chair, Get on the Arc! Campaign

It would be hard to imagine the Civil Rights Movement without the aid of lawyers. Perhaps, that is why in 1965 law professor Harry Kalven, Jr. dubbed it "the first revolution in history conducted on advice of counsel." However, few know that lawyers and judges played a heroic and vital role in that "revolution." Our goal is to recognize their contribution in a manner that is meaningful, lasting, and beneficial.


Under the Color of Law is the traveling exhibit being developed to tell the stories of those members of the noble profession who should be household names. Lawyers like Raymond Pace Alexander, Griffin Bell, Harold Boulware, William Henry Hastie, Donald Lee Hollowell, Belford V. Lawson, Constance Baker Motley, Belva Ann Lockwood, and Conrad Pearson and judges like Jane Bolin, Elbert Parr Tuttle, J. Waties Waring, and John Minor Wisdom are legal figures who have remained hidden for too long. Our goal is to bring into plain view how their life work - and countless others like them - was dedicated to making America a "more perfect union." But we need your help.

The following pages describe the Get on the Arc! campaign and the ways you can give. Meeting these goals will mean more than just the creation of a new tourist attraction. Instead, Under the Color of Law will be a valuable addition to further the much-needed understanding of what it means to be a society dedicated to the principle of the rule of law. The cultural representation of the contributions lawyers and judges made in the field of civil and human rights would be an exceptional educational vehicle, both from an historical and a contemporary viewpoint. As our honorary chair Vernon Jordan reminds us, "lawyers have bent that arc of the universe toward justice. . . and lawyers must continue to lead the charge."

I invite you to read about this campaign, to think about how our nation has been made the better by the efforts of courageous lawyers, and to consider the support you can give to ensure that their story is available to inspire each of us today. . . and for generations to come. 

Thank you and please join me on the Arc!

Roy E. Barnes