A first-instance, next-generation learning opportunity.

The original idea that brought The Arc of Justice Project into existence was the creation of an exhibit to recognize the heroic and vital contribution that lawyers and judges made to the civil rights movement. It was called Under the Color of Law and was to be "the-first-of-its-kind" in civic and cultural education. However, because of the emergence of the pandemic, and the resulting uncertainties on public gatherings it has produced, our emphasis has changed - - just a little.

We remain committed to the original concept of education through cultural influence, but in its place, we are exploring the development of a web-based interactive exhibit called "A More Perfect Union."  This "first-instance, next-generation learning opportunity" will give users a state-by-state snapshot of how lawyers engaged the relentless pursuit of liberty and justice for all. One of its principal interactive features will give users the chance to match the lawyers with their states, their cases, and the legal issues they handled. Get it right, and you can help create a more perfect union!

Plans are also in the works for the development of a documentary based, in part, on the exhibit and the focus of the second season of our podcast, Hidden Legal Figures.



More information coming soon...