Noah Parden | A Lawyer’s Appeal | Part 2


This week we continue our discussion about one of the most important and little-known cases in American history, the case of Ed Johnson, who in 1906 was falsely accused of rape in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Guest Bio:

Noah Walter Parden (c. 1868 – February 23, 1944) was an American attorney and politician who was active in Chattanooga, Tennessee, East St. Louis, Illinois, and St. Louis, Missouri between 1891 and 1940. In 1906 he became one of the first African-American attorneys to serve as lead counsel in a case before the United States Supreme Court, and he was among the first to make an oral argument before the Court. In 1935 he became the first African American to be appointed to the position of Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, a public office, in St. Louis.


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